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Our HEX Range Patch Kits are another practical alternative to repairing your down jacket, offering two or three colour combinations …

… and they are still as super-strong and deliciously soft, as our original patch kits, for a very satisfying repair .

These fruity patches will make your jacket like new again. Bold, contrasting colours work a treat on a jacket that is hard to colour-match, and you don’t even need the excuse of a tear to use one!

We have two HEX kits on offer; our Duo (2 x 7.4cm; 2 x 4.9cm; 2 x 3.6cm and 4 x 2.4cm) and our Triple (3 x 4.9cm; 3 x 3.6cm and 6 x 2.4cm) – the Duo contains 10 hexagonal patches, while our Triple contains 12 hexagonal patches both for $18.95 with free P&P (worldwide).

These fun colour-combination patches won’t spoil the feel of your lovely jacket or sleeping bag.

Our HEX Duos are currently available in Black and Burgundy, Olive Green and Dark Grey, Dark Blue and Royal Blue and Gold and Silver. Our HEX Triples are available in Blue, Green and Red, Pink, Fluro Green and Fluro Ornage, Dark Grey, Olive Green and Dark Blue and White, Black and Light Grey.

Our self-adhesive rip-stop nylon down repair patches are the perfect solution for torn or ripped down jackets and sleeping bags.